Semicolon Tattoo Ideas

Here’s the deal: Semicolon tattoo ideas from our readers and the Semicolon tattoo project!

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Photos from Our Readers:


Meet Catherine R Pillar (caterpillar). She’s a little tattered but still beautiful and still moving. 🙂


M. C.

with a lyric from who you are by jessie j

Thank you for your forum to share. It means a lot to know that we’re not alone.

Well Savannah done it. We have matching tattoos. She wanted ribs so we did it.

In a few short weeks we’ll each have some color added and the semicolons will stand out better.

31 years old. 3 beautiful children. The struggle with depression is as real as it is hard. There are days when the weight seems too heavy. But my babies lead me from one day into the next. They are my angels.

It’s a small one on the inside of my right wrist. -Gracie

The semicolons are the claws


Just wanted to share a pic of my semicolon tattoo I got 2 weeks ago. I didn’t do anything fancy because I wanted it as simple as can be to preserve the true value of it and what it means to me. I do like to decorate it with bracelets and such as you’ll see in this photo. -A

We just recently got semicolon tattoos because we both suffer from bi-polar/depression. We have both been struggling with mental illness for years now, and it can make life tough sometimes. My tattoo is the owl, and hers is the butterfly. I hope you like them! These will always remind us that our story isn’t over. -Sisters

Photos by The Semicolon Tattoo Project:

semicolon tattoo finger

semicolon tattoo ankle

semicolon tattoo neck

I Am Enough Project


Almost 51 years old and just got my first tat. I struggle with using affirmations to help with self esteem as they sound so ridiculous to me. When I came across the “I am enough” concept, it really hit home. I AM enough and my story continues. ~ B J C

Send me your pictures here || share your story here.

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